Hello! I'm Derek, nice to meet you!

I am a Seattle-based software developer ready to make my mark in the tech world. With a strong passion for problem-solving and a deep curiosity for coding, located in the heart of Seattle's thriving tech scene, I'm committed to learning, growing, and creating impactful software solutions.


I have experience with a range of technologies including Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Vue.js, JavaScript, React, as well as foundational web development with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. My database and deployment skills are honed with tools like PostgreSQL, Git, Heroku, CloudFlare, and Netlify, and I am proficient in developing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and integrating various APIs. I am committed to continuous learning and skill enhancement.


A mobile app match play golf betting calculator. Spend your time enjoying the day not calculating payouts. PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, hosted on heroku.

Currency Converter PWA

Mobile first build using react. A quick way to scroll to increment and decrement different currencies with updating rates from a thirdparty api.


Social media scrolling app that doubles as a snowboarding/skiing journal.


Remake of the hit game Wordle. Built with Ruby on Rails and Javascript utilizing a third party api to chose and check words.

About Me


As a software developer based in Seattle, I bring a unique perspective from my experience in wildland fire suppression, which has instilled a strong work ethic. Off the clock, I relish quality time with friends and family, seek thrills snowboarding, enjoy hiking, exploring new places, and taking pleasure in bringing old cars back to life. I'm a dedicated professional, always keen to learn new things and grow in my career.

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